Why Professional Logos Are Not Cheap

Logos Are Cheap. No, Definitely Not!

Most companies often think that logo creation is not a big deal and it is ridiculous for logo designers to charge a tidy sum for a simple scribble or drawing. Perhaps it is the case for some businesses who do not care much about their branding or how they look to their consumers. They can go and get a cheap logo design – but will find out later they've been scammed. Cheap logos are often low quality, do not represent the brand and worse copies of other logos!

The only way to convince companies of any size to steer clear from cheap logos is to emphasize why logos are important and borne out of the creative brain juices of real professional designers who care for your brand.

So here are a few things you need to remember:

Logos leave a great (not good) impression

Good is the enemy of great. If you settle for something good (meaning unimpressive), then you will never leave a lasting impression on your customers. You will be forgettable. That is not to say that logo designs should be too loud, always vibrant, complex and shiny. In fact, the most impressive logos of big brands are simple, take for example MacDonald's, Nike, Apple and more. Their logos are easy to recall, and the style, shape, and colors all represent their brand.

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The thing is, simple but memorable logos are hard to create. There is a list of elements to consider when designing a logo such as balance, proximity, alignment, repetition, contrast, and space, which must be integrated to the brand identity or how the company wants to present itself to its consumers.

There is science behind logo creation

Do you know why company logos have certain color, font and shape? Basically, there is a color theory derived from the human psychology. For example, if the logo is blue it conveys strength, trust, and honesty, while red may mean passion, activity, and power. In short, brand color influences how your consumers view your brand.

Here are a few examples of big brands and the colors of their logo.

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  1. Facebook is blue for honesty and trust.

  2. McDonald's is yellow for warmth, playfulness, and optimism.

  3. Starbucks is green for organic, caring, and freshness.

  4. Yahoo is purple for creative, imaginative and nostalgic.

There is also science in shapes. To paint a simple picture of how shapes influence consumer feelings and buying decisions, here are some examples: circles, ovals and ellipses convey an emotional message such as love, community, friendship, and stability. On the other hand, squares and triangles suggest balance, strength, professionalism, and efficiency.

Cheap logos can hurt your business

For sure, it will be difficult to find out if the cheap logo design created for you is a copy since there are hundreds of thousands of logo out there. But if your logo happens to be taken from a company who takes copyright infringement seriously, then you are in big trouble. Not only will your brand be painted for its lack of creativity and originality, but you will also face legal charges of piracy, plagiarism and more. Sure, you can also sue your logo designer, but by then he or she will be unreachable with your cash in tow, a paltry sum as it may seem to you.

So in the end, it's about considering a lot of factors before you commission for a logo. Going for the cheapest in the market is not wise, but it also does not mean you hire an expensive designer. Choose a professional logo designer that suits your budget but make sure to look at their design portfolio and keep in mind the reminders above.